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What a plethora of great artists Russia seems to have! Along with other favorites of ours like Capo Blanco, Lapti, and Summer of Haze, the motherland is big enough for at least one other noteworthy name: BΔdkΔrmΔ. It’s no secret that we’ve been on a little bit of a witch house kick lately, probably due to how gloomy it’s getting to be this time of year. While trawling for new jams, we staggered across this new single by BΔdkΔrmΔ. With “Wormwood”, the artist starts with the rumbling haze and piercing lead synth tracks native to a witch house tune. After mixing in a juke beat, some deep house reverb, and warm, sparkling analog intonations, you’ve got yourself a wonky three-minute tearjerker. Notably absent is the pitch-shifted vocal samples typically included in tracks like these. Overall, very heavy, yet triumphant. Like reworked background music for the “dark forest” section required in every Playstation-era JRPG. BΔdkΔrmΔ's “Wormwood" truly showcases the lighter side of witch house’s traditionally dark, morose demeanor. If you like 1990, Holy Other, Taquwami, or anything like that, then do tha right thing, and add this to your collection via free MP3 download link above.